G0704 CNC Conversion Kit Installation

Cncconversionkit.com  G0704 and BF20 milling machine cnc conversion kit installation manual step by step  video.
we have 2 sets of ball screw
1- is a regular ball screw 16mm pitch 5 mm from China
2- TBI 16mm pitch 5 mm

G0704 and BF20L machine  with our set

1) In  this video  we show how  to drill a hole on the base and Z axis column

2) video for g0704 and bf20L mill how to add Y axis Ball screw to the machine base.

3) How to add the Z axis column to the base

4) Drilling a hole in the Z axis column for X axis bearing blog

5) adding X axis ball screw and bearing information

6) Last video how to add Z axis ball screw

7) In this video you can see how to cut out the saddle for X axis ball screw clarence


G0704 saddle

machine saddle g0704